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C. Rose Smith - West TN

C. Rose Smith studies the history of Black and African-American photographers in the Americas and Europe. She earned a B.F.A. in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017 and is an MFA candidate in Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her research encompasses the layers of identity–gender, race, class, and sexuality and the making of individuality through photographs. She previously worked at Boston University Libraries managing the digitization of prints and photographs and in collections management at the George Eastman Museum. She currently serves as the Assistant Curator of Photography at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.

Valeria Eadler - Middle TN

I moved to the United States seven years ago. In Russia, I had twenty years of experience working in the music field. After serving in various official positions in the arts and music industry of the Russian Far East for many years, I was appointed as the Director/CEO of the Primorsky Regional Philharmonic in 2014. That organization is the largest of its kind in that area of the country, and it was certainly a prestigious position. However, about seven years later, a political event occurred that caused great difficulties at my place of employment and prompted me to redirect my career path.

In 2020, I also obtained a Museum Management Certificate. Currently, I am a third-year PhD student at MTSU, majoring in Public History.

Pursuing a PhD at MTSU is a significant step for me as it will provide me with the necessary educational background.

Additionally, I hold a certificate from the Tennessee Department of State and the Tennessee State Library and Archives to complete the coursework for the 2022-23 Tennessee Archives Institute.

For the past two years, I have been working as a Digitization Specialist at the Annette Levy Ratkin Jewish Community Archives, which is affiliated with the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. In this role, I have been responsible for processing and digitizing a collection spanning 390 linear feet.

I am also involved in various projects with the Germantown Neighborhood Association in Nashville. Specifically, I am creating and developing a digital exhibition focused on Germantown's history. Additionally, I am coordinating efforts for other related projects, such as the creation of an online repository of historic Germantown images, Oral History project and a Germantown History Book Project.

Anastacia Managan - East TN

Anastacia Managan is a junior at The University of Tennessee Knoxville. She is a history student with a focus on collective memory, and through her work in Special Collections and the McClung Museum Student Advisory Board, she has grown in her mission to learn about proper representation and information science. In her spare time, she is outside and exploring markets and movie theaters in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

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2023 TAM Scholarship Winners

Whitney Petelka - East TN Winner

Sarah Skupien -  Middle TN Winner

Jennifer Lee- East TN Winner

(L-R) Polly Brasher, Sarah Griffin, Jennifer Wildes, Tori mason, Brad Kavan, Whitney Petelka, Beth Thompson, Jennifer Lee, Sarah Skupien, Chris Grisham, Jenny Lamb, Charles Googe, Morgan Byrn

2019 TAM Scholarship winners:

Joseph Gamble - 2019 East TN Winner

Susan Holcraft - 2019 Middle TN Winner

Paige Brevick - 2019 West TN Winner

2019 TAM Scholarship winners with TAM Board Members

(L-R) Brooke Mundy, Melina Ludwig, Susan Holcraft, Paige Brevick, Joseph Gamble and Bethany Hawkins

Humanities Tennessee


Congratulations to the 2024 Humanities Tennessee Scholarship Winners

Shannon Bryant, Mid-South Military Museum, Atoka

Tracy Eaton & Marquita Patterson, Tom & OE Stigall Museum, Humboldt

Mark Pfeffenroth, Military Museum of the Upper Cumberland,Cookeville  

Jeff Swanson, U.S.S. WWII Remembrance Museum, Huntsville

John & Vanessa Nichols, Promise Land Heritage Assc., Charlotte

Derek Hawn, Morgan Co. History Museum, Wartburg

Theresa Dowell Fuqua & Alana Hibbler, Union High Museum, Gallatin

Cathie Jackson & Ramona Mathis, Warren Co. Black History Museum, McMinnville

Alexa Moscardelli & Judith Sullivan, History Associates of Wilson Co., Lebanon

2022 TAM Scholarship Winners

Samual Bowen - East TN Winner

Catie Lathan - Middle TN Winner

Andrew Spicer - 2020 Middle TN Winner

Lauren Whaley - West TN Winner

(L-R) Polly Brasher, Rebecca P'Simer, Joe Sweatt, Tori Mason, Brad Kavan, Sarah Williams, Lauren Whaley, Catie Latham, Samuel Bowen, Andrew Spicer, Brigette Jones, Charles Googe, Beth Thompson, Jenny Lamb, Rene Rodgers

(L-R) Polly Brasher, Rebecca P'Simer, Joe Sweatt, Tori Mason, Brad Kavan, Sarah Williams, Lauren Whaley, Catie Latham, Samuel Bowen, Andrew Spicer, Brigette Jones, Charles Googe, Beth Thompson, Jenny Lamb, Rene Rodgers

2021 TAM Scholarship Winners

Raka Nandi - 2021 West TN Winner

Maureen Smith - West TN Winner

Janet Palmore - Middle TN Winner

Summer Apostol - East TN Winner

2021 TAM Scholarship Winners and TAM Board Members

(L-R) Janet Palmore, Debbie Shaw, Summer Apostol, Charles Googe, Maureen Smith, Polly Brasher, Raka Nandi, Rene Rodgers, Sarah Williams, Brooke Garcia, Brad Kavan

2017 TAM Scholarship Winners:

Hannah Rexrode - 2017 East TN Winner

Bethany Caldwell - 2017 Middle TN Winner

Gabriel Short - 2017 West TN Winner

2017 TAM Scholarship winners with TAM Board Members

(L-R) Tracy Lauritzen-Wright, Hannah Rexrode, Bethany Caldwell, Gabriel Short and Brooke Mundy

2018 TAM Scholarship winners:

Rebecca H. P'Simer - 2018 East TN Winner

Ryan Baker - 2018 Middle TN Winner

Brooke Garcia - 2018 West TN Winner

                 2018 TAM Scholarship winners with TAM Board Members

(L-R) Brooke Mundy, Terri Jordan, Brooke Garcia, Rebecca H. P'Simer, Brad Kavan, Ryan Baker and Rene Rodgers

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