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2023 TAM and HT Scholarship Winners

TN Association of Museums 2023 Scholarship Winners

Sarak Skupien - Middle TN

Sarah Skupien is an emerging museum professional and artist in Nashville, Tennessee. Skupien graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in 2021, and now works for The Frist Art Museum as a Martin Artquest Facilitator. She assists with running The Frist’s interactive art gallery, and designs for activities that correlate with the current exhibitions.

Whitney Petelka - East TN

Whitney is an on-site cemetery caretaker for Bethel Cemetery in Knoxville, TN, along with her husband and a number of pets. She works as an executive assistant at sister site Mabry-Hazen House. Whitney enjoys cooking, camping, and living her best little goth life.

Jennifer Lee - East TN

Jennifer Lee is a Tennessee native and was raised in Grainger County. She continued her education at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 2017 and worked closely with the department in the Osteometric Variations Analysis Laboratory. She later received her Master's degree in 2020 from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Museum Studies. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys hiking and kayaking with her husband, or spending time with their 3 pets, Eleanor Rigby, Smokey, and Figaro.

Get an insider's look at the opportunities available at the Annual TAM conference from some of our former TAM Scholarship winners.  Click the link in their names to read about their TAM experience:

2018 TAM Scholarship winners:

Rebecca H. P'Simer - 2018 East TN Winner

Ryan Baker - 2018 Middle TN Winner

Brooke Garcia - 2018 West TN Winner

2018 TAM Scholarship winners with TAM Board Members

(L-R) Brooke Mundy, Terri Jordan, Brooke Garcia, Rebecca H. P'Simer, Brad Kavan, Ryan Baker and Rene Rodgers

Humanities Tennessee

2023 Scholarship Winners

Erin Wolford, Black History Museum of Warren Co. 

Beverly Hollifield, Clay Co. Museum

Fred Gibson, Union Co. Historical Society

Mary Gibson, Union Co. Historical Society 

Adam Velk, Green McAdoo Cultural Center 

Katie Parr, Martin Public Library 

Lori Forte, Promise Land Heritage Association

Cate Hamilton, Promise Land Heritage Association

Jill Jones Lazuka, Morgan Co. Historical Society 

Barbara Langley, Morgan Co. Historical Society 

2022 TAM Scholarship Winners

Samual Bowen - East TN Winner

Catie Lathan - Middle TN Winner

Andrew Spicer - 2020 Middle TN Winner

Lauren Whaley - West TN Winner

(L-R) Polly Brasher, Rebecca P'Simer, Joe Sweatt, Tori Mason, Brad Kavan, Sarah Williams, Lauren Whaley, Catie Latham, Samuel Bowen, Andrew Spicer, Brigette Jones, Charles Googe, Beth Thompson, Jenny Lamb, Rene Rodgers

2021 TAM Scholarship Winners

Raka Nandi - 2021 West TN Winner

Maureen Smith - West TN Winner

Janet Palmore - Middle TN Winner

Summer Apostol - East TN Winner

2021 TAM Scholarship Winners and TAM Board Members

(L-R) Janet Palmore, Debbie Shaw, Summer Apostol, Charles Googe, Maureen Smith, Polly Brasher, Raka Nandi, Rene Rodgers, Sarah Williams, Brooke Garcia, Brad Kavan

2019 TAM Scholarship winners:

Joseph Gamble - 2019 East TN Winner

Susan Holcraft - 2019 Middle TN Winner

Paige Brevick - 2019 West TN Winner

2019 TAM Scholarship winners with TAM Board Members

(L-R) Brooke Mundy, Melina Ludwig, Susan Holcraft, Paige Brevick, Joseph Gamble and Bethany Hawkins

2017 TAM Scholarship Winners:

Hannah Rexrode - 2017 East TN Winner

Bethany Caldwell - 2017 Middle TN Winner

Gabriel Short - 2017 West TN Winner

2017 TAM Scholarship winners with TAM Board Members

(L-R) Tracy Lauritzen-Wright, Hannah Rexrode, Bethany Caldwell, Gabriel Short and Brooke Mundy

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