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Student and Emerging Professional Poster Sessions

2019 was the first year TAM offered the opportunity for students and emerging professionals to present poster sessions.  In 2021 we had to adjust the posters to online presentations.  For 2022, we want to encourage students and emerging professionals to submit their ideas for their recently completed projects or their works-in-progress.  So many new programs and projects were created in response to the COVID pandemic and the changes that it made in out communities.  We are exzcited to learn about the ways that our students and young professionals met this challenge.  We hope you will take this opportunity to present your ideas and accomplishments to the TAM Conference attendees.  

Poster presenters will make brief remarks and answer questions to attendees as they come by to see the projects.  The final schedule for the poster presentation will be listed in the conference program schedule.

Guidelines for Poster:

  • No larger than 36" x 48"
  • Mounting supplies will not be provided.  Presenters need to bring their own supplies.  (TAM will provide easels upon request)
  • Presenter is responsible for getting the poster to the conference.  It may be shipped in advance but the presenter is responsible for cost of shipping.  Contact Debbie Shaw at tnmuseums@gmail.com for shipping info.

To Submit a Poster Proposal:

Deadline:  January 31, 2022

Submit your proposal to tnmuseums@gmail.com by the deadline.  Write TAM 2022 Poster Proposal in the subject line.

Your proposal needs to include:

  • a Title for your project
  • a  brief (100-200) word abstract explaining your poster project
  • a one-page resume or CV for each presenter 


PO Box 330984   Nashville, TN 37203   (615) 495-3354   tnmuseums@gmail.com

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