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Thank you to everyone who made nominations for our TAM Awards!  Your Awards Committee is hard at work and we look forward to honoring the winners at this year's annual TAM Awards Ceremony in Clarksville!

Now is the time to nominate your programs, exhibits, publications and awesome volunteers for recognition at the 2019 TAM Awards of Excellence ceremony in Clarksville! You will find the updated and revamped guidelines HERE and nomination form HERE.  Your Awards Committee has been hard at work updating both forms, and we want to make you aware of some changes this year. All of the changes are marked **NEW** on the guidelines form, but here are a few to make you aware of:
  • Most importantly, THERE WILL BE NO DEADLINE EXTENSION! The final and only deadline will be January 25, 2019. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this date! 
  • We have added a new Institutional Size category. What used to be the largest museum size category ($1M and above) is now $1M-$5M, and the new category is $5M and above
  • There is a NEW Digital Media category that will cover websites, and also include social media pages and digital collections
  • The Volunteer category is broken into 3 subcategories, and now requires a narrative, rather than filling out the nomination form
  • Temporary exhibits that opened in November or December of 2017 are now eligible for nomination for the 2018 awards
If you have questions, please feel free to email your area representative, found HERE, or Tori Mason, Awards Committee Chair, at tmason@nashvillezoo.org  We look forward to seeing all the awesome things Tennessee Museum are doing! Good luck!

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