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Site Manager / Chester Inn State Historic Site and Museum

02/02/2024 7:53 AM | Tennessee Association Of Museums (Administrator)


Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Site Manager is responsible for all aspects  of running the Chester Inn State Historic Site & Museum (CISHSM). Such responsibilities  include visitor relations, volunteer training, collections management, exhibit development, and  program administration. The Site Manager is responsible for managing the collections,  maintaining proper collections record keeping, and accessing, cataloging, inventorying, and  monitoring additions to those collections. Additionally, the Site Manager is responsible for researching, planning, and developing regular, rotating exhibits on pertinent historical topics.  Coordinating with the Executive Director and relevant museum personnel, the Site Manager will  participate in concepting, developing, and initiating educational and outreach programs for the  museum, including traveling exhibits. The Site Manager shall inform and advise the Executive  Director and the Board of Trustees on the current state of the collection and historical site,  including conservation needs, environmental conditions, storage, feasibility of exhibition or  collections movement, and direct care of the artifacts. The Site Manager will provide appropriate  training for volunteer docents and manage scheduling. The Site Manager will also be responsible  for regularly cleaning the museum and for preparing the space to participate in Town of  Jonesborough events. Furthermore, the Site Manager will create educational programs and  materials based around the artifacts in the museum, for school groups and general visitors. K-12 programs and materials will be appropriate for various grade levels and align with state and local  history education standards, as well as museum best practices. 

Please note, this job involves weekend working hours and working hours that extend after 5:00  pm. Regarding physical demands, this position requires regular standing, walking, sitting,  talking, and hearing while performing the duties of this job. The employee must occasionally lift  and/or move up to 50 pounds. 

Work is seasonal with 20 hours per week from January to February, 25 hours per week from March to April and from November to December, and 28 hours per week from May to October. Compensation begins at $11.50 per hour, with the possibility of additional future compensation  based on performance and the organization’s budget. 


1. Responsible for collections management and care; 

2. Responsible for security and maintenance of the historic site; 

3. Responsible for training volunteer docents; 

4. Responsible for coordinating with volunteer docents to create a monthly; calendar/schedule for staffing the CISHSM; 

5. Responsible for appropriately cleaning artifacts on display, as well as the museum’s public spaces; 

6. Responsible for working with school groups, visitors, and the general public;  7. Responsible for collaborating with other organizations and institutions.  


1. Plan and implement all permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as interpretative programs, in alignment with the Chester Inn State Historic Site & Museum’s mission; 2. Responsible for research activities; 

3. Provide tours of CISHSM and, when possible, the town of Jonesborough; 4. Write articles pertaining to exhibits and events at the CISHSM for the Heritage  Alliance’s quarterly newsletter, The Link, and website;  

5. Write press releases and other materials for new exhibits and programs;  6. Create and share appropriate written content for the museum’s Facebook page;  7. Create and promote appropriate videos for the museum’s YouTube channel. 


An advanced degree or course work in museum studies, history, heritage tourism, and /or Public  History is desirable. Work experience should include museum employment and familiarity with  standard museum operation procedures, as well as exhibit development, interpretive principles,  

material culture principles, and collections care. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and  creative, able to maintain existing programs as well as conceive, develop, and execute new ones.  We seek a creative, outgoing candidate who possesses strong writing and people skills. It is  essential that the Site Manager have experience and skill interacting with the general public, as  they are often the first face that many people interact with when visiting Jonesborough, TN. 


Send your resume, cover letter, and two letters of reference to Mr. Fred Counts, Board President,  at info@heritageall.org. Application materials are due by 5:00 pm EST on Thursday, February  17, 2024. For more information, you may call the office of the Heritage Alliance at 423-753- 9580 or visit our website at www.heritageall.org

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